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More and more people are saving lots of money by rolling their own cigarettes.  It's not as difficult as you think!  Loose cigarette tobacco is available in the same five basic flavors - full flavor, light, ultra-light, menthol and menthol light.  As with manufactured brands, there are also many brands of loose tobacco for you to select from.  There are lots of rolling machines with different features and of course different prices, but they can make it possible for you to make a cigarette in as little as 7 seconds.

Rolling machines are easy to use, you put in your tobacco, you insert your cigarette tube (with or without a filter) or rolling paper, move the push lever and in seconds you have your own custom smoke!  Cigarette tubes come in all sizes and flavors also, tubes are usually sold in boxes of 200 for under $3.00 per box!

Make your own custom blend of cigarette tobacco by mixing different flavors to suit your taste!  When you roll your own cigarettes, the cost per pack of 20 is about $1.75!  Your cigarette tastes the same or better than the $6 - $8 per pack of a name brand!  Does $17.50 for a carton of cigarettes sound too good to be true?  But it can be true if you roll your own!

Come on into the shop and see how easy it is to roll your own smokes, we'll show you how!  The products we stock for rolling your own are below!



American Spirit Cigarettes: Not Healthy and Not Native

American Spirit is the only brand that manufactures both cigarettes made with 100% certified organic tobacco as well as cigarettes made with 100% additive-free natural tobacco.  Whether you are looking for a rich, full-bodied taste or something mellower, Natural American Spirit tobacco products provide the highest quality tobacco.


The Original Blend is an additive free, whole leaf, natural tobacco.  The tin features an additive-free, whole leaf, natural tobacco, in a medium shag cut, which is a finer cut than the tobacco in the pouch.

Light Blue (Original)

1.41 oz. pouch  w/50  papers, 5.29 oz. can  W/200 papers 



The 100% U.S. Grown contain a medium shag cut of additive-free, whole leaf, natural tobacco grown entirely in the U.S.A.

Dark Blue (US Grown)

1.41 oz. pouch w/50  papers, 5.29 oz. can W/200 papers 



Perique (pronounced pa-reek) is a dark pungent, intensely flavored tobacco and is among the world's rarest and most sought after types of tobacco.   Blended with American Spirit's original additive-free whole leaf tobacco, Perique provides a distinctive, rich and spicy taste that cannot be imitated.

This flavor contains a unique blend of authentic Perique tobacco that is grown exclusively in St. James Parish, Louisiana.  It is then aged and fermented in oak whiskey barrels

Black (Perique)  1.41 oz. pouch w/50  papers 



The Organic is additive-free, whole leaf, natural tobacco that has been grown according to certified organic standards, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Maroon (Organic)  1.41 oz. pouch w/50  papers







Bugler is the #2 selling brand of rolling tobacco in the United States. Each pouch of Bugler includes ¾ oz. tobacco and 40 cigarette papers. Bugler differentiates itself from its chief competitors in that its tobacco consists of a premium "Turkish and domestic blend".

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1.5 oz pouch or a 6 oz. can that includes 230 rolling papers




Drum is a brand of fine-cut hand rolling tobacco, or shag.  Unlike most hand rolling tobaccos, Drum isn't clumped together to form a brick of tobacco. Instead it is packed neatly, giving the tobacco space to "breathe" and this way of packing keeps the moisture evenly distributed in the tobacco.




Halfzware (half dark) type tobacco usually indicates a combination of dark Kentucky burley and bright Virginia tobaccos.

Halfware Shag

1.5 oz. pouch, 150g. can





Natural Fresh Choice is a blend of tobaccos: Virginia, known for its' mild, rich and slightly sweet taste; Burley, which has a full and spicy flavor; and a touch of aromatic sun dried Oriental tobacco. The hand selected leaves are blended according to a closely guarded recipe and exact specifications for our signature blend. Natural Fresh Choice includes the leaf ribs. This unique ingredient adjusts the flavor and strength of the cigarette.

Now you can enjoy flavored tobaccos and more aromatic smoke.  Fresh Choice tobacco is all natural, without additives, or preservatives.  Each blend is a special recipe of smooth, aromatic Virginia and Burley tobacco mixed with a dash of flavor added to enhance your smoking pleasure.  Available in delicious Amaretto, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, Peach and Vanilla Caramel flavors, all in 6 oz. bags.  One bag makes approximately 200 cigarettes a 16 ounce bag makes 2-1/2 cartons.

NATURAL FRESH CHOICE Flavored Cigarette Tobacco

Amaretto Chocolate Cinnamon Clove Peach Vanilla




Full Flavor




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All Flavors Come In a 6 oz. pouch or 16 oz. bag

The smooth, aromatic properties and cut are true to a premium Turkish blend and the VALUE BRAND PRICING makes this addition an industry breakthrough!


Full Flavor Regular




Menthol Light


Turkish Style





Pouch, 7 oz. can, 16 oz. bag



McClintock Full Flavor cigarette tobacco is made from rich Kentucky tobaccos blended with golden Virginias for a full-bodied smoke. McClintock Light is a selection of milder Kentucky tobaccos blended with golden Virginias for a smooth, easy flavor. The finest Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos are blended with pure mint flavoring for the true McClintock Menthol experience.




Premier cigarette tobacco is a fine blend of quality Burley, Virginia and Oriental tobacco. Whole leaves are carefully selected and finely cut to provide a smooth taste and distinctive flavor. Available in .75 oz. pouches and 6 oz. cans that Include 200 rolling papers.



Full Flavor









A top quality cigarette tobacco, all-natural and additive-free, it makes a  smooth, satisfying smoke.

Available in 1 ounce to 1 pound pouches and bags.


Full Flavor




Menthol Light





Top quality tobacco selected and blended in the USA. Each Top can has a Lok seal that keeps freshness in.

Available in a 6 ounce can!



Full Flavor




Top Wildfire™ premium flavored tobacco is infused with five exotic flavors.   Available in the tasty flavors of Cherries Jubilee, Sunrise Strawberry, New York Vanilla, Velvet Peach and Island Margarita, Wildfire is packaged in ¾ oz. stay-fresh foil pouches that include 36 gummed papers.  Each pouch makes approximately 25 cigarettes

Cherries Jubilee

Sunrise Strawberry

New York Vanilla

Velvet Peach

Island Margarita

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